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Kim Whitaker

Trust others to do that what you do not enjoy

Learn from the winners of the Sanlam Business Partners Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Lewis Thomas and Kim Whitaker… Lewis Thomas, owner and founder of Partners Hair Design: “Entrepreneurs need to stay focused, constantly. Businesses, especially in the retail and service industry, need to stay ahead of local trends, and concentrate on the personal aspects of the… [Continue Reading]

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Gugu Mjadu

What drives entrepreneurs?

One of the most enduring myths about those who take the difficult, uncharted path of starting their own business is that they are mainly motivated by money. The short response to anyone who tries to uphold this crude misunderstanding is simply that there are many easier ways to make money – starting a business is… [Continue Reading]

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Vinesh Maharaj

Sales tips to grow your firm

Regardless of your business type, size, location or turnover, one thing that can help grow your business with immediate effect, is your company’s sales. Yes, sales. – the life blood of your business. Before accounting, logistics, warehousing and procurement can become a reality, we all need to hear the cash register go Ka! Ching! Another… [Continue Reading]

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Paul Crankshaw

Helping clients to bid for work

The poor reputation of many “tenderpreneurs” has given tendering a bad name in recent years, as it is so often associated with corruption and nepotism. However, it is still the case that most big businesses and government agencies ask for tenders – also called bids or proposals – when they need services or supplies. It… [Continue Reading]

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Jonathan Jacobs

Mind you own mind

The old adage of “Mind your own business” rings true in the confines of entrepreneurship. However, I would like you to consider thinking a bit broader on this piece of wisdom and look at “Minding your own mind”. Consider your mind as a garden, your thoughts are seeds and whatever grows are the rewards of… [Continue Reading]

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Business Partners last month launched its SME Property Fund which will allow enable business owners to purchase their own business premises.

Real estate on the rise

Owning property, as part of a long-term investment or to meet the need of business operations, is an ideal every business owner strives for. The launch of Business Partners’ R200-million property fund last month, could help business owners to realise this ideal. Gerrie van Biljon, executive director at Business Partners, says the objective of the… [Continue Reading]

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Unfair dismissal only applies in the case where an employee is dismissed and not termination of employment through death or resignation, for example.

Dismissal not only termination

Do employers really need to spend time and resources on onerous disciplinary or incapacity procedures before terminating an employee’s service? The short answer is no. Unfair dismissal protection only applies when an employee is dismissed. “Dismissal” is defined in the Labour Relations Act as the termination of employment by an employer, with or without notice.… [Continue Reading]

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The last few years saw a marked increase in commercialisation of intellectual property by universities such as Stellenbosch University.

Universities help tech firms

Are you looking to turn cutting edge new ideas into the next money spinner? Universities may be just where you should turn. The last few years have seen a marked increase in the number of universities looking to commercialise intellectual property (IP) developed by their professors and researchers. The Intellectual Property Rights from Publicly Financed… [Continue Reading]

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Learning patterns to aid biz

Taking incubatees out of their comfort zone and helping them to develop a can-do attitude is a part of the coaching process used at the Riversands Incubation Hub. It is often said that entrepreneurship cannot be taught, but taking entrepreneurs out of their comfort zone allows them to develop the kind of habits associated with… [Continue Reading]

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Branson centre entrepreneurs can for part of Club 52.

Branson centre launches elite club

The Branson Centre last month launched an initiative that aims to recognise and reward one entrepreneur every week for the next 52 weeks. The initiative aptly named Club 52 is open to all Branson Centre entrepreneurs who have completed the advanced course. The launch was attended by 80 entrepreneurs and took place in Braamfontein. Gavin… [Continue Reading]

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