Get all government tenders in one portal

President Jacob Zuma

As of April 2016 government will no longer place tender adverts in newspapers as is currently the case. All government departments will be using one central tender portal, which will be available free of charge.

This was announced by President Jacob Zuma in Parliament during his reply to the 2016 State of the Nation Address debate.

He said that “government tenders will thus no longer be advertised in newspapers and this will be another cost saver for government… This (also) reduces the cost for suppliers as they do not have to go to multiple institutions if they wish to do business with government.”

This announcement goes hand-in-hand with the need for suppliers to register on the newly created government central supplier data base, where suppliers for all departments and government institutions have to register.

“A central supplier data base will be compulsory from April 1 2016. This means all suppliers doing business with government will only register once,” President Zuma said.

Nearly 100 000 service providers have already registered on the database.


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