Ciko Thomas

Ciko Thomas

This week another of the big banks added a service to their customers to make registration of a new business really easy, with the announcement by Nedbank and the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), that they are launching “CIPC Online” via the Nedbank website.

Trade and industry minister Dr Rob Davies said a key theme for the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and its agencies such as CIPC is continuous improvement. The DTI’s initiative to make CIPC services available through banks is part of the improvement.

“This is exactly what this project is demonstrating: it is a public-private partnership in the true sense of the term where government and Nedbank partnered to offer different products to the mutual customers through an integrated process. The Nedbank partnership is one of a number of the initiatives aimed at promoting efficiencies for end users,” Davies said.

Nedbank’s Group Managing Executive: Retail and Business Banking, Ciko Thomas said that  Nedbank “understands the tough economic environment that small businesses operate in. As such, we continue to innovate and provide practical solutions for small businesses, particularly start-ups, aimed at alleviating red tape and other barriers in starting a business.”

Through our ongoing client engagements, we are cognisant that it has become increasingly difficult for start-ups to take off, particularly in their infancy when most businesses are more prone to fail. This forms part of our banking and beyond offering, aimed at making a meaningful difference to entrepreneurs through greater convenience.’

Thomas said that this solution will assist businesses to increase efficiencies, while freeing up their time to focus on what really matters in running their businesses. He said that CIPC Online is ideal for businesses with up to three directors.

The application fee for qualifying applicants is R175.00, if you don’t have a company name yet, to register a company. Should an entrepreneur wish to register a business with more than three directors, or if one of the directors is a foreign citizen, Nedbank will facilitate these registrations through their existing in branch service offered through the SwiftReg registration tool. Nedbank does not charge a facilitation fee for either service.

  • For more information and to access this solution, new and existing clients can go to

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