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Amit Parbhucharan

Amit Parbhucharan

Any business owner out there is likely very budget-conscious and would likely prefer to avoid paying for tools that they could do without.

But, business owners may not always have the necessary knowledge to determine what the most cost-efficient and better-fitting solutions are.

An example of this is how many business owners pay too much in securing their mobile devices when trying to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act. The act aims to protect personal information and is likely to come into effect by the middle of this year. In a survey conducted over a two-month period during the fourth quarter of last year by Beachhead Market Intelligence 80% of business owners reported having made use of software that is more suited to use by bigger businesses. In addition business owners only made use of about 20% of their software’s advertised functionality.

My advice is to:

  • Save the money you spend on this kind of software and simply take a practical approach.
  • Seek out solutions in line with your market needs, and try to avoid expensive add-ons.
  • Have a low impact, streamlined solution that can be implemented quickly.
  • Demonstrate compliance to auditing requirements and regulations.

A small business’s device security solution need only check these boxes.

  •  Amit Parbhucharan is the SA manager for Beachhead Solutions, which designs cloud-managed security tools.


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